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WIW In-Person Event- 26th May 2022

Our regional tour continued with a trip to the South West.

Connections were made and friendships strengthened alongside excellent presentations from Lucy Gill, Partner at Foot Anstey and Nicola Clarke, CEO, Balloons Charity.

Lucy explained legacy management and legacy income, as well as the role of a Legacy Management Officer. This involved a detailed appraisal of what they do and the part they play in estimating legacy income.

Issues surrounding contentious matters were also explored, with Lucy running through the key considerations for executors and trustees. She went on to explain property sales and charities, including the role of the Charities Act and Section 119 reports. She concluded the session with a Q&A with attendees.

The charity supported at this event was Balloons, for whom £150 was raised. Balloons works with pre-bereaved and post-bereaved children, young people and their families in Exeter, Mid and East Devon.

WIW In-Person Event- 24th March 2022

Our 2022 regional tour began in London with 20 wonderful women joining us for an afternoon of networking, and fantastic presentations.

First up, Constance McDonnell QC, Barrister at Serle Court.

Constance shared her experiences as a barrister, and provided an insight in to predatory marriage and the proposed reforms to s.18 of the Wills Act.

We then heard from Emily Chalke, Co Founder at Ella’s Charity, who we raised money for through a charity raffle.

WIW Virtual Event- 24th February 2022

At the February meetup we welcomed two excellent guest speakers to discuss two very important and poignant topics surfacing in the industry recently.

First up was Rebekah Marangon, a lecturer in law at the University of Derby, who discussed the journey of qualifying as a solicitor through SQE. Under the new SQE route to qualifying Rebekah highlighted the differences between SQE and the traditional LPC, and also discussed the marked diversity gaps that latest SQE results have revealed, which have also been the subject of recent widespread media discussion.

Our second speaker was Grace Gwynne, Barrister at No5 Chambers in Birmingham, who gave an inspirational first-hand account of the difficulties that she overcame to achieve her pupillage. Grace also told of the barriers and sexism within the industry that, as a young female barrister, she still shockingly encounters today. Despite these encounters, Grace’s talk focussed on all of the positive actions that she took and still takes to this day to level the playing field and call out unacceptable behaviours.

The group was full of praise and support for both speakers, thanking them for their informative and insightful presentations.

WIW Virtual Event- 13th January 2022

We kick started our 2022 virtual meetup with a jam packed session from Lysette Offley, Memory and Mindset Coach, Genius Material.

The presentations were pre-recorded and are available to watch back here.

WIW Virtual Event- 9th December 2021

Our final virtual session of the year saw us don some Christmas sparkle and reflect on the past year, sharing success stories and highlights both professionally and on a personal level.

A highlight for many of the group was the Women in Wills in-person networking event in September and The British Wills and Probate Awards 2021.

WIW Virtual Event- 18th November 2021

At the November Women in Wills virtual meeting we were joined by Tim Farmer, Clinical Director and Co-Founder, Comentis & Jacqueline Emmerson, Solicitor and Managing Director, Emmersons Solicitors who gave insightful presentations on Mental Capacity Assessments and vulnerable clients.

WIW Virtual Event- 28th October 2021

At the October Women in Wills virtual meeting we spoke to Jayne Shawcross, Marketing Director, CLS Property Insight.

Jayne covered some of the main areas for marketing a Law Firm that specialises in Wills and Probate, with tips to understand how all the moving parts fit together. You can view Jayne’s presentation here.

We also talked to some of our British Wills and Probate Awards winners, sponsors and one of this years judges who shared experiences and tips for next year.

WIW Virtual Event- 30th September 2021

At the September Women in Wills virtual meeting we spoke to Elizabeth Rimmer, LawCare and Paige Gouldthorpe, Fosters Solicitors about burnout and anxiety.

Elizabeth shared findings from their recent Life in the Law research study. There was a focus on how although the data was depressing,  there was a real emphasis on doing something about it which sparked the positive discussion and sharing of tips in a group discussion.

WIW In-Person Event- 16th September 2021

20 wonderful women joined us in sunny Birmingham for an afternoon of networking and plenty of laughs.

We had incredible presentations from Ben Wagenaar, Head of Innovation and Technology at the SRA and Jade Gani, Head of Wills and Probate, Aston Bond.

It was so lovely to be out of the office and see how your friendships have flourished over the last 18-months and your genuine desire to support and learn from each other.

We also raised £305 for our chosen charity Ella’s via a raffle.

WIW Virtual Event- 26th August 2021

At the August Women in Wills virtual meeting we discussed a delicate subject that is close to so many hearts, dementia.

Ann-Marie Shine-Newton from Stanford Legal, gave us an incredibly thought provoking talk around the topic. Delving in to how the disease is caused, symptoms and what it can mean for people.  Promoting how Dementia Action Alliance can help those affected with their virtual sessions and community help, she also focused on other groups such as Dementia Friendly and how it can help support businesses and organisations and help them to navigate this illness.

Amanda Coates, qualified freelance solicitor, and STEP Associate gave a particularly engaging account of the ‘bookshelf analogy’. She told the group how the bookshelf is a symbolic representation of a person’s mind, the books on the bottom of the shelf representing a persons childhood and the books at the top representing the here and now. If the case were to be shook, the books from the top would fall first, symbolising short term memory loss.

You can read the full write up from the August meet up here.

WIW Virtual Event- 29th July 2021

At the July Women in Wills virtual meeting we heard from two inspirational speakers.

Gill Steel, renowned legal trainer, discussed the impact of social isolation on our brains, a well timed discussion following the challenges we have all faced over the past two years in a global pandemic, in which most of us have been confined to our own space and adapting to working from home.  

Insightful as ever, Gill invited lots of group discussion and engagement, asking questions about online learning when working from home, as well as how sleep and distraction affect our learning.  

Gill was followed by June Potts, Business Consultant from Menopause 360, who  gave a passionate account of how menopause can have a negative effect on women during their working life. She discussed the effect menopause can have on a woman’s mental and physical self and the work she is doing to raise awareness within organisations. With an ever-ageing workforce Menopause 360 help organisations to embrace menopause awareness and educate them in such matters.  

You can read the full write up from the July meet up here.

The presentations from the session can be downloaded here.

WIW Virtual Event- 24th June 2021

At the June Women in Wills virtual meeting we heard from Claire Cox, Solicitor at Hedges Law who provided a very interesting account of a case she has recently dealt with around ‘the rule against double portions’. Claire invited group participation as to whether others have come across it and how we can help client’s avoid disputes such as this in future. 

Louise Sackey, Contentious Probate Solicitor at IDR Law then led a discussion around flexibility in the workplace, and this went on to reveal a plethora of professional and personal feelings around this topic.  A topic that is hugely prevalent now, as things return to the ‘new normal’ more of us are faced with the dilemma of returning to the office following a year of working from home.

You can read the full write up from the June meet up here.

WIW Virtual Event- 20th May 2021

The latest Women in Wills virtual meeting brought home the reality of cyber security, with one delegate revealing that she had almost fallen foul of a sophisticated cyber attack.

We had updates from Stephen Burgess, Family/Probate Jurisdictional and Operational Support Manager for HM Courts and Tribunals and Bryan O’Sullivan Cyber Security Analyst at the Practical Vision Network.

WIW Virtual Event- 22nd April 2021

At the fourth Women in Wills event of 2021 professionals joined for a welcome distraction by sharing updates and experiences and enjoyed insightful contentious probate presentations.

You can read the full write up from the April meet up here.

WIW Virtual Event- 25th March 2021

We were delighted to be joined by Simona Hamblet who is a Leadership Coach for Solicitors. Helping lawyers create profitable firms, personal success, & happier lives.

Simona spoke to us about psychology and mindset, which can interfere with applying for roles. Including imposter phenomenon, guilt (especially working parents), feeling good enough, applying for roles without having all the ‘skills’ and being comfortable with money. She will be focusing on how, with these new insights, and a few tips, we can approach recruitment with greater confidence.

We were also joined by Kelly Reid at Realm Recruit who since early 2018 has worked exclusively within the private client market and was our guest appearance sponsor for todays women in wills meeting. Kelly provided an insight on how she can help to develop careers and sustainably grow law firms.

The meeting was held by Heidi Jenkins from Lawyer Checker and if you would like more information please do click here. 

WIW Virtual Event- 25th February 2021

We were pleased to welcome Shidul Hoque from the Office of the Public Guardian along with his colleague Aman Gill who discussed the current challenges and expectations, how lawyers can communicate and what systems they have in place along with what they have coming up for 2021

WIW Virtual Event- 28th January 2021

We welcomed a wonderful group of panel speakers; Pippa Shepherd from, Kylie Simmonds-Cox from Sterling Trust Law, Sarah Walker from Weightmans and Eleanor Evans from Hugh James who provided their insights on the levels of enquiries for will writing services in early 2021.

WIW Virtual Event- 10th December 2020

At our Christmas meet up we got together to have a few glasses of fizz to celebrate 2020.

As we were still unable to meet face to face, we had a few drinks virtually and as this was our last meeting of the year, we all dressed up and got in the festive spirit!

WIW Virtual Event- 19th November 2020

We welcomed Emma Baddaley from Inheritance Data, Janina Porter from Pinel Advocates, Doug Roberts from Exizent and Julie Wilson from Settld who provided us with an industry insight.

WIW Virtual Event- 29th October 2020

We welcomed Rita Leat from the Institute of Paralegals to provide an update along with Kelly Forrester a resilience and growth leader who spoke to the ladies about her personal story, and strength.

WIW Virtual Event- 1st October 2020

We welcomed Simon McCrum author of the new book, The Perfect Legal Business who provided an update. Along with Vicky Wilson from Settld, Emma Baddaley from Inheritance Data and Janina Porter from Advocate Pinels.

We also posed the questions around should employers give bereavement leave and how could leave be decided?

WIW Virtual Event- 10th September 2020

We welcomed Juliet Brook from the Wills & Equity Committee at the Law Society, Paige Gouldthorpe from Cozen-Hardy and Claire Miller from Langton Genealogy to provide industry insights.

Our discussion topic was on if we have experienced any issues with banks releasing estate funds when they haven’t had authority to?

WIW Virtual Event- 20th August 2020

We welcomed Stephanie Kerr from Brabners along with Rosie Todd from Stevens & Bolton to provide industry insights.

Our discussion topic was on whether as a company or individually our members felt they had hit the reset button?

WIW Virtual Event- 18th June 2020

We welcomed Lucy Denton and Afshaan Hena from the Office of Public Guardian to update the group on the challenges and innovations they have experienced over the last 3 months and to answer members questions.

WIW Exeter - 6th February 2020

WIW London - 4th December 2019

WIW Birmingham - 2nd October 2019